30 Random Questions

Have you ever been on one of those job interviews where instead of the interviewer asking you a question relating to the job that’s advertised, they ask you a bizarre one like “If you were a cream cake, what sort would you be and why?”. I don’t mind questions like that but they are just downright silly when it comes to something as important as a job interview.

I don’t know if any of my readers are on Facebook, but if you are, you may have noticed a question thingy they ask you to do sometimes when your filling in your profile. I had a look at them for a bit of fun and tried to think of some answers to these random questions. You have a go too and see what you come up with. Some of them are a bit like the ‘Cream Cake’ question:

1..My favourite routine is….Early rise in the morning, a healthy breakfast of seeded nuts and fruit, a yoga class, lunch with a friend, spa in the afternoon with a glass of champers in the evening in the bath surrounded by candles and then to an early night….Who am I trying to kid???… Rather its a long lie in, bacon sandwich for breakfast, reading my books and painting throughout the day, a take away at night and a good comedy film to round it all off.

2..Typical excuse when I don’t want to go to the gym….I don’t do gyms. I cannot see the point of walking and getting nowhere surrounded by people going to nowhere too. I’d rather walk in the countryside.

3..The eternal debate, football or rugby….Well, they both have their merits because I like looking at blokes legs, but football is far more interesting to me than rugby. England are on their way to winning the ‘World Cup’ in a week or so, fingers crossed.

4..The best athlete of all time is.…There are many of course, and it’s down to personal choice, but my favourite was the american Carl Lewis.

5..A great honeymoon would be….Rome.

6..I can’t stand it when my mum...Repeats herself, when she’s had a few glasses of wine.

7..I once entered a competition for.…It was a joint effort. When I was 18, my friend was training to be a hairdresser. She was entered into a regional competition and cut my hair and dyed it so I looked like a punk! She won! and I was a model for a day. The photo was in the papers.

8..The craziest thing I’ve ever seen… It was last night. England beat Colombia in penalties to get through to the quarter finals of the world cup. That was brilliant as they have never done it.

9..Favourite Ice-cream is….Honeycomb

10..The most memorable costume I’ve ever worn is….I dressed up as a pirate for world book day at work for the kids. I had the bandanna, big earrings, black boots, the works.

11..I can’t stand it when….I put the news on or look at my newspaper app online and there are constant stories about the Royal Family. I’m really not interested in them at all and never have been. I just want the media to give it a rest.

12..The best thing about my family is….love. I live as a single parent with my two boys. We really do have fun together and giggle every day.

13..The best soup I’ve ever had was….(These questions are random I know)..I’m not into soup, it’s just liquid food and doesn’t fill me up at all.

14..Flats or high heels….I feel elegant in heels, but it’s flats in the day definitely.

15..If I could play a musical instrument it would be…A xylophone. I have a photograph of myself taken at my nursery school when I was 5 playing the xylophone, and I remember the photo being taken very clearly. That’s the last time I’ve picked up a xylophone stick. I remember watching the great Evelyn Glenny and how great she was at playing the instrument. I bet you’re thinking I’m winding you up, but no, I’d like to play the xylophone.

16..I was over-excited…when I visited ‘Port-Aventura’ theme park in Spain and went on the ‘Paco’ Rollercoaster. 0 to 60 in about 3 seconds. I screamed. It was brilliant.

17..A perfect date would be….Wine, live music and a meal.

18..I wish….for a happy loving relationship. I’ve never had one 🙁

19..Best food in the world is…Indian. Worst food…Chinese.

20..For me freedom means…Good health.

21..I’m careful about...the way I speak to people. I’m tactful and kind; qualities I am proud of.

22..One of my favourite songs is..Wish you were here/Pink Floyd.

23..Silliest thing I’ve done when sleep deprived..I’ve done this a few times and it’s quite silly. When I cannot sleep, I’ll get dressed and go for a walk at 3 or 4 in the morning, when it’s dark. Silly indeed. I have my dog though.

24..If I could live for a week in the past or a week in the future I would…Live for a week in ancient Egypt. In Pharaoh’s court of course. I’d like to understand their culture, see their monuments,  and understand the language. And really know if we have got the translation of the hieroglyphs right.

25..When I was younger I was afraid of…anyone dressed up in a costume. I was petrified of Santa Claus. I just knew he wasn’t real.

26..In my fridge there is always a….lettuce!

27..If I could be a fictional character I’d be…Elizabeth Bennett in ‘Pride and Prejudice’.

28..My name means..God is gracious, apparently.

29..One of my most valuable treasures is…My baby books. When my boys were born I kept a journal of their firsts. I saved in there, the baby wrist bands they wore in hospital, a lock of their hair, first photos etc. These are more precious to me than anything else.

30..My first computer was…Pong! Now I’m really showing my age.

What would your answers be?

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