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4 Things that really made me laugh this week :)

I’ve really needed to have a good laugh this week. My two previous weeks have been awful, with one thing and another, so I’ve been searching online for some funny stuff on YouTube. Two of the clips are ones I came across whilst looking for people and subjects that interest me. One is the quote directly below, and the other is one of my favourite clips from Monty Python.

I’ll begin with this quote or saying from the great Karl Pilkington. If you’ve never heard of the guy, then you are definitely missing out. Amongst other things he’s done, he’s worked with Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant on various travel programmes, where he goes to different countries and experiences stuff the locals do. What I love about his sense of humour is that he doesn’t care what comes out of his mouth, if it’s on his mind he just says it. And that’s what I love about what he said below, when he talks about trekking 10 miles to see a Gorilla.


To think he’d walked all that way, in bad weather just to see a ‘Gorilla doing nowt’; and I get that, do you??

What I mean is; have you ever had an arduous trek to get somewhere, and then when you do get to your destination, you find that it didn’t meet your expectations one little bit. Just a bloody waste of time.

I know seeing a mountain Gorilla is quite special and something to remember once seen, but I do understand how frustrating Karl must have felt, if when he arrived it was just sitting there scratching it’s arse or chewing some leaves. Maybe he would have felt better if the Gorilla had given him an act, like juggling a few balls or doing a handstand. I just though it was really funny.

Now the 3 YouTube sketches:

Harry Potter Impressions… I love anything to do with Harry Potter. I’ve read all the books twice, seen all the films numerous times and I’m planning very shortly to visit ‘Harry Potter World’ in London.

I came across this guy the other day. If you like Harry Potter you will get all of this. His impressions are spot on. I particularly like his one ofย  ‘Voldemort’ and ‘Horace Slughorn. Do you think he’s good?

This is one of my favourite Monty Python sketches…I really find this funny and always laugh. It’s the conversation about the swallows carrying coconuts and weight ratios!

And finally…The very funny Eddie Izzard. I’ve always liked him as a comedian, and find him very funny. He, if you are not aware, does stand-up in France in the french language, which is pretty clever I’ll say. He talks here about how he learned french as a boy at school and carried on with it. What I get about this is his observation of the way languages are taught when you are young and doing lessons online etc. You seem to learn phrases that are not necessary in the real world. He mentions ‘The monkey in the branch’, and ‘The mouse under the table’.

I’ve been learning to speak french for the last 2 years and I can understand now, pretty much of what he’s saying here, because he uses a mix of the languages so you can understand it. I have always been taught at college relevant stuff that you would need in everyday life, yet I am also using the app ‘Duolingo’ which does use the terms like ‘The men are rich and calm’, and ‘The whale and the dolphin ate the spider’, etc. So you understand what he’s talking about. I think it’s brilliant.

Look out for the word ‘poulet’ and ‘transvesti’. I cry with laughing.




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