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5 Books on the Go!

I love reading. It is my favourite hobby and I enjoy it far more than watching the TV. The books I enjoy the most are non-fiction, but I do like reading on occasion a good novel if it’s been recommended. The thing is, instead of reading one book at any given time, I do tend to have 5 books on the go, and I keep them in helpful sitting or resting places within my home, so that they are within easy reach.

I have one on my bedside cabinet, one in the kitchen on the side next to my small sofa, one on my sitting room armchair, one for when I’m in the bath and the last one I keep in my handbag for when I’m out and I have a coffee stop somewhere.

Here are my current ones:

This is the one I’m reading currently when I retire to bed in the evening. It’s entitled ‘How to be a Victorian’ by Ruth Goodman. I am now half way through this book and I’ve really enjoyed reading it up to now. The author is a well-known historian who specialises in social and domestic life in the UK. She also presented television programmes concerning different periods of life during Victorian and Edwardian times, with the addition of living for a year on a Victorian farm where she gained first-hand experience of the hardships faced by our ancestors.

It really is an interesting book to read, and I have become completely immersed in the ways of living that people in our past experienced. The book starts with the beginning of the day, to eating breakfast, working, cooking, childcare, school and behind the bedroom door. As readers, the author through her thorough understanding of the period, transports us to the times and feelings that the upper-class and the poor would have experienced. I really recommend the reading of this book if you are interested in history or maybe need an in-depth reference book for your studies. It does cover everything.


365 Blog Topic Ideas, (for the lifestyle blogger who has nothing to write about) by Dana Fox.

I’ve been blogging now for about 4 years, and I really enjoy it, unfortunately, after the initial stream of ideas that you just want to get down in writing, you hit the dreaded ‘writer’s block’. This book has been invaluable to me to ignite some ideas that I can adapt to my blog and create interesting (I hope!) posts.

This is the sort of book you delve into now and again. You can begin at the back, the front, or just open a page at random and try to use the tips. This is a good book to pull you out of your blogging rut and inspire new ideas for each day of the year.



Release Your Inner Roman, by Marcus Sidonius Falx with Jerry Toner.

This is an interesting one, and I am about a third of the way through. The author describes the characteristics that have made the Romans successful people. The guide through the chapters highlights the management of family, romance, pursuing happiness and conquering your emotions. I personally find it a very interesting book,  but a little hard going, so I tend to read a few pages a day. The initial description talks about the Romans sense of equality and their desire for elevated positions in society. It was all about hierarchy, and shows comparisons to the people of today, who are much more empathetic and promote an equal society for male and female, where ancient Rome was lacking. History lovers will enjoy this book.



Slimming World’ magazine.

Reading material rather than a book. I bought this May issue last week, mainly because I need to lose a few pounds. Many of my friends have tried this diet and they have all been successful, so it can only be worthwhile to giving it a go!. The magazine is priced at £2.95 and contains loads of diet tips, examples of successful dieters and recipes. Towards the end of this May issue, there is a voucher for you to use if you fancy the 3 month on-line gold membership. You get a discount of £35 from the actual price which works out to £64 for 3 months, where you get all the benefits of following the Slimming World programme but without attending the meetings. It’s really worth taking a look.


The Misbegotten, by Katherine Webb.

I have read the first couple of chapters of this book and I must admit it’s quite engrossing. It was recommended to me by a friend because I like fiction books that are set in the past. This one begins in 1803 with an orphan girl in England. The story surrounds her upbringing by two sisters and the murder that happens to one of them in the future. The book’s story goes back to the past frequently spanning several generations with lots of mystery, love and twists. It’s looking good so far 🙂


X Pip


PS: I forgot to mention. I do keep this little reference book in my bag at all times to jog my memory and remind me of the complex phrases of the French language.

I am learning to speak the language at an adult education college, so this little dictionary is a necessity.



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