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A Limerick to New Year

Happy New Year to you,

May all your dreams come true,

You’ll lose all the weight,

Start to feel great,

Alas, there’ll be nothing to chew.


You may get the job you desire,

Even become a highflyer,

Earn monies galore,

Eat oysters and more,

And wear most expensive attire.


Pursue a hobby or three,

To knit, to draw or to ski,

First two are quite cheap,

The third is too steep,

Failing that have a hot cup of tea.


Buy a pet for your comfy abode,

To fuss and to walk down the road,

They’ll jump on your bed,

Scratch your arms till they’re red,

Albeit give you much love by shed load.


A new beau may appear on the scene,

Give you love and make you his Queen,

It may all go to pot,

Though you gave it a shot,

Just get drunk, watch a film and eat cream.


So I hope your New Year gives you pleasure,

Happiness and luck beyond measure,

There will be sad days,

But great ones more played,

Dear reader, have a good one, together!  X


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