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An Anti-Wrinkle Cream that Works for me.


I’ve always been a little concerned about my appearance, but not in a fastidious way. I enjoy using make-up, pampering myself occasionally and trying out new products, yet never truly feeling that anything will alter my appearance. I’m a realist!  For instance, I’ve never had a professional manicure, a facial or a luxury spa day! I’m missing something here, I know!

As I said before though, I’m not really into this whole in-depth beauty regime advice for this and that, that celebrity magazines keep harping on about, ‘If you take this pill it will make you thinner’, If you use this cream you’ll look 10 years younger’ or ‘If you exercise like this celebrity you’ll have a svelte body’. To be honest, we all know deep down its bullshit, but we can sometimes think that we’ll give these things a try because it will make us feel better in ourselves, and maybe, just maybe the wrinkles will disappear!

The reason I’m writing this short post is mainly to recommend a product that I have been using for the past few years. I’m in my mid-forties, so the skin on my face is obviously becoming less tight and a bit wrinkly in places. Sometimes, and I don’t know if this has happened to you, but you get up one morning, look in the mirror and notice that the line that has somehow become indented into the side of your cheek overnight takes that little bit longer to plump itself out again!! A sad fact of life I’m afraid.

Anyway, about the product. It’s called ‘Olay, firm and lift anti-wrinkle day cream. The cost ranges from £5 to £10 per jar, depending on half-price sales, but you can generally buy it at most supermarkets, so it’s not hard to find. I’ve never been convinced about anything that claims to banish wrinkles, and scientific study from leading dermatologists confirms that none of these creams actually work, and I do believe them. Yet this product does provide something for my skin that makes it look a whole lot better than it would normally. The skin on my face is fresher looking, smoother, healthier and softer. I did have very fine wrinkles around my mouth and chin area, and honestly, with using this cream, they have all but disappeared! Whether that’s just the cream giving my face a more dewy look, or hydrating it to the extreme, I don’t really know, but there is definitely something in this product that works. So at such a low cost, I do feel it’s worth giving it a go at least.

I am not using this post to sell this product because that sort of thing doesn’t interest me. I am genuinely recommending it to all you ladies out there that fancy changing their regular day cream and giving this one a try.

I think it’s great.

X Pip

PS: Great tip. Before I put on my foundation I always use this cream on my face first, and then the foundation glides over my skin and provides an even and smoother coverage. x

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