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Just a short post here but quite important. I have been blogging now for around 18 months and I can honestly say that blogging is a great hobby of mine and I enjoy every minute of it. I know how hard it is to get your content out there and it’s a constant learning process, and sometimes you do need all the help you can get. Gaining more traffic being one of the main issues. If you notice at the bottom of my Intro page there is a widget highlighting the most recent comments given by my readers. Above that, you will notice that I’ve stated that you can leave links in your comments so that whoever visits my blog can see your blog and visit yours. I’m all for helping out my fellow bloggers so that they can gain more traffic to their blogs. Please leave your links because I like to read your stuff too. However, and it’s a big, however!

I’m asking most kindly, that if you leave a link (Pingbacks), that’s it’s not directing people to sites that are advertising your selling of Viagra, bras or other shenanigans. I have nothing against Viagra, it is truly a beneficial form of medication, but my blogging site does not sell. I use it to write for a hobby, share my artwork and help my fellow bloggers.

Please feel free to leave a comment with a link to your blog, just leave the little blue tabs out of it!!

Thank you

x Pip


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