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Button Xmas Cards/Kid’s Craft

This is a very simple idea for little ones to make a Christmas card. We used it as a craft activity with the pre-school children this year, and they love it when they sprinkle the glitter over the glue and see the words unfold when you shake it off.


Packet of assorted buttons, white or coloured card, pen, glitter and glue.

These are quite easy to make and a succession of photographs is really unnecessary because by just looking at the finished card you can see how it’s made.

Fold over your card and from the top coming down draw five or six lines of different lengths and draw a little bow at the ends. Ask your child to dab a little glue under each bow and choose a button they like and stick them on. They can then glitter along the top as a border. Ask them what message they would like to put whether its Grandparents or other family members and write the message for them and they can sprinkle the glitter over this.

Some of the glue bottles are quite difficult to control with the amount of glue that comes out, therefore the precision of the writing can go a bit doolally! I used a very small paintbrush and applied the glue for the writing onto the card, and that way there is far more control.


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