Cats do love boxes! It’s a fact. Everyone I personally know, that has a cat, says the same thing. So, just as the mysteries of the universe are pondered and doctors try to find the next best cure, there are those of us that feel compelled to understand the love a cat has for a box. One of my cats is extremely fussy, yet when she’s in one of her ‘leave me alone or I’ll rip your hands to shreds’ moods, she can be found in a box, on my window sill, in the sunshine.

Researchers at a German University have found that boxes and confined spaces provide a sense of protection for our feline friends, providing a sense of shelter from imagined predators. So, it’s just down to instinct really. My cat is not particularly choosy about the box itself, just its essential boxiness…she likes to lie in a suitcase, a toy box in my child’s room, heavy duty carrier bags, an old large flower pot in my garden…I’ve even found her a couple of times in my dryer! If you have any cardboard boxes lying around, give one to your cat as a gift; they’ll love you forever.

Little Softy XX (and the cat).



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