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    Pears in Watercolour

    I attended my first art class for the first time last week. I missed last years 10 weeks course and I really missed it. The subjects were fruit and I picked these pears but folded the paper so I had half a pear. I thought it looked better. The leaf isn’t great, but it was my first time back and I’d not painted for quite a while.

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    Bird on Tap/Watercolour

    I’ve been quite poorly with anxiety and depression over the last few weeks, but I’m slowly recovering and feeling a little better. I haven’t painted for a while, so I got my stuff out tonight and used my watercolours to paint from a photograph I came across the other day. It made me relax, and in hindsight I should have been doing some artwork whilst I’ve felt poorly. Anyway, onwards and upwards x  

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    Helter Skelter

    I haven’t been on a holiday for the past five years, which is a pretty long time. I was thinking the other day of the times I used to visit the seaside as a child, and I have memories of the fairgrounds with the carousel, the big wheel and the helter skelter. I have taken on my own project of painting fairground rides from the past. Here is my first of a Helter Skelter in watercolour and pen.

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    Diary Entry 19/06/2018-Painting a Seascape

    Once again art class was great this evening. We were instructed on how to paint a seascape, which is something I’ve never attempted because I have a fear of painting water. I find it very difficult. Our tutor gave us four different ways of doing this, which I’ll write about in a future post. I have included the method that I used so you can have a go if you fancy. It really is quite straightforward. Ingredients: Watercolour paper (You can buy a pad of 12 sheets from ‘The Works’ for £2), Palette or a white plate, Your biggest brush (mop), medium sized brush, masking fluid, rubber and pencil. Watercolour…

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    Radcliffe Camera, Oxford/Mixed-Media

    I painted with watercolour over my pen and ink drawing today. I love historic buildings and this one in the town of Oxford is very well known. The use of the word ‘Camera’ comes from Latin which means ‘Room’.  It was built in the English Palladian Style and was completed in 1749. It was used and named as the ‘Radcliffe Science Library’ originally, but now it is known as the ‘Radcliffe Camera’, serving as a reading room for the ‘Bodleian’. I am so fortunate to live in a country that’s full of historic buildings and gorgeous places to visit. Here is a link if you fancy delving a little deeper into…