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    An Anti-Wrinkle Cream that Works for me.

      I’ve always been a little concerned about my appearance, but not in a fastidious way. I enjoy using make-up, pampering myself occasionally and trying out new products, yet never truly feeling that anything will alter my appearance. I’m a realist!  For instance, I’ve never had a professional manicure, a facial or a luxury spa day! I’m missing something here, I know! As I said before though, I’m not really into this whole in-depth beauty regime advice for this and that, that celebrity magazines keep harping on about, ‘If you take this pill it will make you thinner’, If you use this cream you’ll look 10 years younger’ or ‘If…

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    Bags of Colourful Fun

    I popped into my local town centre today, primarily to find a smart black jacket. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this item of clothing; well one I liked anyway. I did spot however, a gorgeous cross-over bag. There seems to be a trend at the moment for this style, a cross between Aztec, Jaquard and beaded bags, with the occasional addition of pom poms. I continued with my shopping and noticed many others of the same style. I really love this look and it’s seems to be bang on trend at the moment, from totes, shoppers and clutch bags. Here’s a selection of my favourites: Next: Black leather beaded bag, £69…

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    My Favourite Hand Creams

    One beautiful sunny day, many moons ago, I was walking hand in hand with an ex-boyfriend. He lifted up one of my hands to kiss it and commented on the dryness of my hands. “Goodness me”, he said, (Actually it was more of an expletive beginning with the letter F! Get my drift? ) “You have builders hands!”, implying that they felt horrid to touch and as dry as a bloke’s that works all day mixing cement and laying bricks on a building site. Safe to say, he felt the back of the other one and I never saw him again. Actually I made the last bit up, but he…

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    7 Little Black Dresses

    I wear black more than any other colour, mainly because it makes me look thinner, it’s classy and I’m a bit morbid. Black dresses are always a safe bet as you know. Whether it’s for an interview, work wear, formal occasion or even on a date; black dresses are timeless. Here are 7 lovely black dresses that I’ve found online; and the prices are not too bad either. The majority of them are for all occasions and a couple are for a night out x Follow...!

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    Mrs Beeton’s Household Management – Book Review

      I bought this LARGE publication about 10 years ago, and it’s one of those books you can dip into now and again for a bit of interesting information. It was published in 1861, as a complete work from the author’s previous magazine instalments. It comprises mainly of the workings of a Victorian home, the treatment of servants and the conventional and respectable ways the mistress of the house should conduct themselves; according to that period of time. Isabella Beeton was a working journalist by the age of 21, yet it’s quite surprising how much she knew at such a young age. It covers chapters, among countless others, on the…

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    Shakespeare-Bill Bryson/Book Review

    I was watching the programme ‘Antiques Roadshow’ this evening, and an interesting item was discussed; a little booklet written by an anonymous writer during Elizabethan times. It was extremely valuable, mainly because it contemporaneously mentions quotes from many Shakespeare plays; valuable to scholars of the playwright and the times he lived in, as such documents are in short supply.     This in turn made me think about a book I have read more than once, by Bill Bryson, called ‘Shakespeare’. The book emphasises the fact that very little is known about William Shakespeare, what he looked like, his personality or his childhood. Bryson has written a very clever book here, discussing evidence that has been…