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Cute Earrings by Ted Baker

I had a really nice day today. I met my best friend in the town centre, and we had a bit of lunch together. I love meeting her because she is like a sister to me and if I have anything, absolutely anything, I need to discuss with her I know she will listen intently and offer advice if I ask for it. So we had a chat about our complex existences with the addition of my tales of woe.  She always puts me into a positive frame of mind, which is definitely what I need right now.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to tell you about a lovely piece of jewelry she bought for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. We went into the local ‘John Lewis’ store and approached the ‘Ted Baker’ section. I thought at the time that this stuff is going to be expensive, and some of the products are, but my friend was being quite specific in her choice and was intent on looking at the cute little earrings.

There are some lovely ones available with this brand and the prices are pretty good. I was really surprised. They do some rose gold stud earrings with different styles, and my friend brought some love heart studs for under £20! Many of the earrings make great gift choices and are a little bit special.

Here’s some of what’s available at the moment:

Harley rose stud hearts. £19





Mini bow studs. £35





Coraline crystal earrings. £35. These are my favorites







Sinaa round studs. £25


Lynda rose gold. £29







I think they have some lovely designs at the moment and are packaged in pretty little gift boxes, which you can ask for free of charge.

X Pip

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