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Diary Entry…02/10/2017..Snot Face

I have caught a bad cold. Not the flu mind you, just the sort of cold that you can tolerate in the day and then it completely knocks you for six in the evening. I tend to not take remedies and medicines, which would probably help to be honest and I just muddle through, but I woke early at 3 am and I just couldn’t get back to sleep. I had a snotty face, couldn’t breathe through swollen nostrils and had a mouth like a rough rag. I was dreading the alarm going off this morning at seven because I knew I was in work today on a regular Monday placement.

Anyway, I heaved myself out the bed and struggled to the bathroom with my aching back. My face looked more terrible than it usually does, so I got dressed and tried to spruce myself up.

I got to the school and half the class was all snotty faced just like me.  We were all in the same boat.

What is it about kids that just cheer you up. I can feel like pants sometimes, yet I’ll go to work and they come up to you with their little funny stories about home and their families and it really makes me happy.

Anyhoo, this little episode that really had me laughing today was when I was taking the kids in for individual reading this afternoon. I took, let’s say, Johnny, not his real name obviously, into the reading corner with his book about a dolphin. He’s 7 by the way. So I say…

“Well, Johnny, it says that a dolphin eats fish whole, do you know what that means to eat a fish whole?”

“No”, he said.

“Well, let’s imagine you have a donut on a plate, and I said to you Johnny, I want you to eat this whole. What would I mean?”

“Well it means that I would have to shove it all in my face at once”, he said.

“Yes, that’s correct. But that just wouldn’t be possible would it, you know to put the whole donut in your mouth in one go, you would have to take small bites wouldn’t you?”

“No Miss, I wouldn’t. I would just ram the donut in. I can do that Miss even with biscuits. I just shove in the whole biscuit, with the icing and everything. It tastes better that way”.

You could tell that Johnny liked to eat and his comment was really funny and we were both laughing.

So I came home, cooked the dinner, took out the dog, washed the pots, changed the beds, made the packed lunches, ironed some clothes and now I’ve crashed out on my bed with a snotty nose, achy back, and a sore throat. I know I’ll have another rubbish sleep but I’ve had a great day to make up for it. x

PS..My fussy cat was just lying on my chest and I’ve just let out an almighty sneeze and she’s shot about 3 foot in the air. She’s looking at me in disgust!




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