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Diary Entry-13/01/2017

I’ve had a busy day today.  I love my job – I work in a nursery at the moment and I’ve had a wonderful day, as we were teaching the three-year-olds to begin writing their names. It was charming and they achieved so much, but they tired me out. I prepared a snack for my kids and then, having a night free, I settled down to watch  ‘Shirley Valentine’. I had a really good giggle watching it. The story of a 42 year old woman who becomes bogged down with life and takes a holiday to Greece with a friend. I think some of us can relate to that…I definitely did. Anyway, on a lighter note the scene on the boat with her and Costa was a classic..she was astounded that he mentioned how beautiful her stretch marks were;

The scene runs something like this:

Costa- “Your stretch marks are beautiful, they are lovely because you are lovely. They are a sign of you being a beautiful woman, you should be proud” and so on…

Shirley- (turning to camera) “Aren’t men just full of s**t!

I’ve ditched the diet for today and just eaten a bar of chocolate and 2 apple pies…Nom Nom Nom!

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