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Valentine’s Day Diary Entry-14/02/2017-Podged fino ai bulbi oculari con il cibo italiano

My Valentines Day

I have had a lovely Valentine’s Day, which is quite unusual for me as it’s generally spent alone cursing the commercialism of the event and the waste of money on cards. I usually whisper expletives at the postman as he walks straight past my front door, then wail inconsolably into my pillow for hours. Not today, though, because today was going to be different. Anyway, sure enough, I have been treated wonderfully this evening by my sweetheart.

The evening wasn’t perfect, and we paid the price for our silly lovesick ways, but I’ll continue with the account and come back to that…..

He took me for a little drink before-hand and then we headed to a small Italian restaurant that he frequented a great deal when he was a young boy; he really wanted me to see how lovely it was and requested when we entered to sit at a certain table. It was a very quaint little place and full of character; I really felt comfortable in there as soon as we sat down and sipped the wine.

Anyway, my sweetheart says that the sign of a great restaurant is its ability to satisfy your requests, even if the item doesn’t appear on the menu. He ordered a cannelloni in the morning by telephone when he booked the table, and it was probably the best pasta dish I have ever tasted! It was his dish, but he was very generous with it and gave me a teaspoon’s worth. He is very possessive with his food!  But he does seem to enjoy nearly everything I order, therefore,  I keep fixated on my own plate else he will whip my steak  away in a flash!

Mr Evans’ gargantuan cannelloni

I have also noticed that a good restaurant has a limited menu, but they cook their dishes just right.

I had a chicken dish with mushrooms and port, vegetables and roast potatoes. It was the sort of food that, even if you are so ‘flup’ that you can’t possibly eat any more, you just have to get a bit more in; I think the word for that sort of food is ‘moreish’ ‘gluttony’.

The bill was paid and I was presented with a red rose, which I sniffed appreciatively, then we headed out into the freeeeeezing cold night!!!!

This is where our mistake resurfaced in our simple ‘have-no-sense-of-direction’ brains. We forgot on which street we had left the car. I did a post about this not too long back, so it was extremely foolish once again. My sweetheart couldn’t remember the name of the street and I couldn’t remember any landmarks. So we spent the next 20 minutes walking up and down, and up and down, and up and down the streets trying to find the damn car.

We found it eventually, of course, and burnt off some of the calories we had eaten through the exercise and shivering.

All in all, though, it was a most excellent evening. The main reason for this is because we are the best of friends and we giggle a lot. The best combination I think. 

Thank You, Mr Evans 

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