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Diary Entry..17/04/2018..Strabismic Owl

Art Class began last night for the summer term. £34 for a 10-week course of 2 hours per week. Not bad is it? My tutor is excellent and always comes prepared with lots of materials. She even brings in coffee, tea, and milk bless her!

This term we are studying a different artist a week and trying to emulate their style. We had a look at ‘Karl Martens’ artwork. He mainly paints birds, so we all had a go at this. There were lots of photographs to choose from which our tutor laid out on the desk. I chose an owl. Unfortunately, because we have limited time, and the first half of the lesson involved filling in some paperwork, meet and greet, and Intro’s, we didn’t get to start our final piece until 7.30pm and we only then had an hour to complete.

I wanted to show you my painting of the owl because I don’t think it’s very good. I rushed it, obviously, and even though the actual photograph I was using showed the owls right eye looking towards the centre, I put in too much yellow, too much pupil and he looks like he’s got a squint. But my classmates thought it was funny.

A great evening though!

PS.. And he looks very angry!!!


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