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Diary Entry ???? 17/01/2017 – Monsieur Sausage

Went to my French class today. It is the second term. I have learnt some basics, introductions, saying your name, and so on. My tutor always comes out with great little snippets. This week we all had a go at a French tongue-twister:


Combien sont ces saucissons-ci

Monsieur sanssouci?

Ceux – ci?

Ce sont six sous



I think the translation is something in the line of “How much are these sausages, Monsieur No-worries? These ones? These are six. Thanks!” Or something like that. Mr No-worries is a great name for a chap with six sausages.

I am going to practice all week. Put your teeth in and stand back from everyone!



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