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Discontinued..Buy Why?!!

On Sunday, I went shopping to my local town centre and visited one of my favourite stores to have a leisurely mooch around and do a large amount of sniffing. It was the ‘BodyShop’, of course. Anyway, after a verrrry long time (I just love the place), I opted for one of their newer fragrances called ‘Fijian Water Lotus’, which I feel has a lovely scent, especially for the daytime. The assistant informed me that there were many offers on at the moment for my absolute favourite perfume (apparently to use the word ‘perfume’ in the UK signifies what class system you belong to; therefore, I am working class. If I use the word ‘scent’ I am posh/smart, so I’ll stick to the word perfume, because I am working class and don’t give two hoots about the class system, sorry for diverting!! What, What! ????) called ‘Polynesian Island Tiare’ as the company has decided to discontinue it. “But why?!” I asked. Obviously the shop assistant didn’t have much of a clue, so I just presume it’s because that particular one is not selling very well.

So I’ve been thinking about the perfumes I have loved and lost over the years. None of them are particularly expensive, yet I remember them with fondness:

This is the one I’m talking about. I’m popping down today and buying a job lot of them!
You might find it on Amazon if you’re lucky – there were only 3 left last time I looked, but you can try HERE



I loved this one too! Burberry for women. This was discontinued about 3 years ago. Goodness knows why! 3 left on Amazon right now HERE

Cabotine de Gres. I’m going back about 20 years now and showing my age. I really liked this one though because I was young and it was cheap. (and I was skint!). Very rare, and not quite as cheap now, but you might find it at a pretty good price HERE.

And the star of the show, Red by Giorgio. I wore this for many years and spent many unproductive hours trying to track it down. It’s gone!! 🙁
(EDIT – No it’s not! Found it…HERE! :-)) )

Honourable mention goes to Anais Anais…not discontinued – not even rare – and now a slightly cliched modern classic that seems to provide a distincly different, but always intoxicating, fragrance to anyone who wears it. Available widely, but also HERE for those of us who never seem to get around to shopping for ourselves. :-/

So there you are; my four (or five) favourites. Can you remember any that you liked? Let me know in the comments, it may jog my memory xPip

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