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Funny Pics

I was having a look on the Internet today and found some really funny Pics. I then had a look on Amazon because I was searching for a book and found other bizarre stuff you can buy. Here’s some I thought were quite funny: Haven’t we all felt like this at one time or other? I got a few of these from when I was at school, I had pigtails too, the dog reminded me of them.

Great way to get your kids to eat stew! I think these little rice people are really cute.

I couldn’t quite believe this coloring book. Funny though!

I know foods can sometimes give you the hot shito, but to advertise the fact kind of puts you off!



Anyone of a religious disposition can have this cut out for their toast in the morning. It really is amazing what you can buy.


Now I think this is really funny, obviously made up. But just think how lovely it would be if you could have a pet that had a fantastic smile just like your own. Never seen such a happy pair!


I am the most impatient person when I’m painting or drawing. If I’m at Art class and there are only about 15 minutes left, I have been known to do the above and ruin the picture. Not to this extent, but near enough.



This reminds me of the American show that was out in the 70s called ‘Different Strokes’ and the actor called ‘Gary Coleman’ I think that was his name used to say “What you talking bout Willis?”. The cow has the same expression, “Say what!”




I love how kids when they are really young, have a complete honesty about them. This is a 3-year-olds decision tree. Really funny how he feels its only right to get his own back. His answer to the negative consequences question is brilliant.

I hope you liked them. x




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