Getting Drunk is no Longer an Option

Something has been occurring in my esophagus of late and I was getting a bit concerned about it. Every time I drink a glass of wine, or beer, or lager, or anything alcoholic I get absolute raging heartburn. I’ve noticed it over the last couple of months and kept my beady eye on my symptoms because I am a complete hypochondriac and the slightest twinge or burn or twist makes me go running down the Doc’s in a mad frenzy. Well, I’m not that bad, but it’s not too far away from the truth.

So over Christmas, there were a few bottles of wine purchased for my house, with some beer etc. I also went out a few times with friends for drinks and after 10 minutes of taking my first few sips of alcohol the heartburn started and it continued for the rest of the evenings so that every time I went to bed I had to drink a large glass of milk and take 2 Bisodol. God, those little chalky tablets have been an absolute blessing for me this year!

A Nice Diagram For You

I needed to google this because I thought that this is just not right, what is it in the beer/wine that’s doing this to me or is it just my middle-age? So upon investigation, I have found out the answer and I’m not a happy bunny! Your throat pipe or esophagus that runs down into your stomach has a kind of little opening at the joining part called the ‘Lower Esophageal Sphincter’ this allows your food and drink to enter your stomach and closes so your stomach acid remains where it is. Alchohol relaxes this mechanism so that the acid comes back up into your esophagus and causes this horrible burning sensation in your throat. Apparently, other things can set it off like certain foods, caffeine or even anxiety, but alcohol alone seems to do it to me.

So now I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that I cannot tolerate alcohol at all. The pain is just not worth it, so when I go out in future I’m going to drink fruit juice or water.

I am now teetotal x


  • Zoey

    Oh no, that sucks! Have you ever tried non-alcoholic beer or wine? Not the exact same thing, but pretty close.
    Also, I have to ask… what plugin do you use for the sharing buttons in your posts? I could never find one that shares on Instagram, that is so cool!
    Zoey xo

    • Pip

      Hello Zoey. I haven’t tried non-alcoholic, but what a good idea, I’ve never thought about it 🙂
      Oh, and the plugin is called ‘Social Media Feather’. Good luck!

  • Kristyn

    How interesting that your body basically rejects the alcohol! I’m also not a drinker, but by choice. There are tons of options out there, I hope it’s been working out for you.

    • Pip

      You’re right on this completely. It’s your body telling you that somethings not quite right. There is a rose wine that I can drink at the moment that lays quite nicely in my stomach. So it’s good news all round 🙂

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