Hay Fever Help

This is just a short post tonight. I have suffered awfully this week with hayfever for the second time in my life. My eyes have been hit the worst with puffiness, redness, swollenness, wateriness and itchiness. It’s just been a complete pain in the arseness!!

It’s honestly felt like a bad bout of conjunctivitis. I’ve had to wear sunglasses when I go out in the sunlight because the brightness really hurts. I’ve not even driven my car for the last two days because the strain of concentration┬ámakes them stream with tears, and talking to my neighbour outside was just too much, I was having to squint to look at her. Incredibly painful ­čÖü

I went for advice at my local pharmacist who recommended some eye drops, Tesco’s own brand, containing something called ‘hypromellose’.

The results have been marvellous I have to say.

Please do not suffer if you are plagued with this awful symptom of hay fever. Purchase eye drops containing this substance and your eyes will feel back to normal in record time. Reapply when needed.

X Pip

PS: If the drops contain ‘hypromellose’ buy the cheapest brand. Optrex etc, are far too expensive and the less pricey brands do the job just as well.

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