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Indian Head Massage

Hi. I’ve not posted for about 4 days because I’ve been feeling quite poorly with a constant headache and a slight cold. Headaches are horrid things, especially if they are stress related as it can also produce symptoms of neck tension, a tight scalp all over the head, and pain around the eye sockets. Not nice! Anyway, I was talking to my neighbour about this yesterday, and she reminded me of the time she gave me an Indian head massage. I remember it well.

Oil is applied to the head, then you are given a very long scalp massage which improves circulation. The Indian head massage feels wonderful, and it definitely relieves stress and alleviates your chronic headache.

Here’s a short You tube video to show you some basics of the technique. A proper one can last up to an hour, but this little clip will give you an idea about what’s involved. If you fancy having one, I definitely recommend it, and a quick Google will probably find one near you. Don’t know if it would be as good as Komal’s, though. Thank you Komal.

Now I need another one. ;-/

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