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Jess’s Owls

I painted a picture a while back, mainly as an illustration. I’m aware that owls are quite popular at the moment and there seems to be many of them printed on diaries, cards, mugs and the like. I’ve recently opened my own art page on Facebook so that I can begin selling my work.

After I’d posted this picture on my wall, a friend of mine took a photograph of her little girl ‘Jess’ who had copied my owl painting and she posted it to me. I was quite overwhelmed and it made me feel really proud to know that a child had liked it enough to copy it. I must say it is far better than mine. She has painted the sky beautifully in a deep blue colour and it’s far more vibrant.

I asked permission from her mum to see if I could post it today and she said yes!! Thank you Yvette x

Jess’s Painting

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