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Kitten Love Part 2

So here’s an update on my little stray kitten. I honestly felt that last Monday, when I picked him up from my mum’s garden, it would be his last day to be honest, the poor little thing was so ill and thin that I imagined he would fail to pull through; but he’s a little fighter and he started to pick up brilliantly 3 days ago.

He’s picking up some good reading material already, just like his mum x

His eating is better, his coat is glossy and soft, there’s not a pesky flea in sight and his eyes are bright, shiny and alert. He’s come out as quite a strong character too. My dog Dexter has taken to him very well and they lay together on the sofa. My other two cats hiss a little when he approaches, but they run off so they don’t see him as a threat.He just goes up to anyone, animals included, with so much confidence it’s a pleasure to behold.

I’m taking him for his first injections next week, then I can think about slowly letting him into my garden, which I’m convinced he’ll love because to be fair that’s all he ever knew in the first place, being a stray and all.

I’ll write another post about him in 6 months time when he’s fully grown. He’s made us all very happy and my dog is more bouncy than ever on having a new little friend. x


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