I was born in the city of Leicester (Lesta), 46 years ago. So being an old fogie gives me years of experience living in this town of character. There are, I must admit, pockets of ugliness, yet there are areas of beauty and history going back to Roman times.

I was in a conversation this lunchtime with a friend at work and we were discussing the dialect of this great town. I dropped in a tried and trusted slang word, that only people from Leicester would understand but it still made my work colleague giggle. I can also travel anywhere in the country or abroad, and if I hear this familiar dialect I know exactly where the person is from. I also find that if I am in conversation with someone with a broad Leicester accent it does tend to set me off and I’m completely involved in this convoluted (folded into tortuous windings; The free dictionary)  form of talking. Leicester talking can also be quite quick and difficult to understand for non-Leicester folk. It is quite funny though and a great dialect of the country.

Here are some words and phrases for your enjoyment, beginning with the first that I used today:

1  I’m gunoo…Meaning, I’m going to.

2  How muchisit…Meaning, How much is it.

3   Tis…Meaning, It is.

4  Dooont ya…Meaning, Don’t you.

5  If ya wanoo…Meaning, If you want to!

6  guuon then…Meaning, Go on then.

7  Al ave an am cob n tomatah…Meaning, Ill have a ham roll with tomato.

8  Ja wan a cuppa tea…Meaning, Do you want a cup of tea.

9  am not bovered…Meaning, I’m not bothered.

10   av gorra take the dog ow…Meaning, I’ve got to take the dog out.

11  a dooont wan oat…Meaning, I don’t want anything.

There, a selection of words that are definitely clipped in the Leicester tongue.

If you would like to share your local dialect I’d be very interested in the comments section.

x Pip


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