Lesson of the Day / Car Park Vexation

I lose my car all the time! Yesterday I was panic stricken with it, wandering up and down examining rows and rows of cars, the majority of them the same colour as mine and made a mental note, upon finding it, to never let myself go through this trauma again. Apparently, I am not the only one that experiences this – many friends of mine have this same problem, and it’s quite humorous to observe that you will see countless souls wandering around looking as lost as I do. You might be thinking that only an idiot would overlook the simple process of noting where they left their own car, and you might be right, but there’s no denying that it does happen to all of us, and some of us with alarming frequency! So, here are a few simple, obvious steps you can take to make your shopping experience less traumatic and locate your car in next to no time. I tried it today and it worked!! Park your car near a landmark. Such as a lamppost or a tree and make a mental note of the location. Remember what row you parked in. Are there numbers or letters placed above the rows, or failing that, are you opposite a certain shop? Make a note! That’s what they’re there for. Write it down. Simple I know, but it works! Take a photograph. If you have your phone with you. Identifying features for your car. Bumper stickers, cuddly toy in your back window or a license plate frame. Anything that will make it stand out from the crowd.. Failing that, hoist a bright red flag on your antenna, you’ll locate it in no time. I tried it out today in my local colossal supermarket car park and used tips 1 and 2. It worked beautifully and I arrived back at work after my lunch break calm, refreshed and on time!!! Follow…!Share…!