My Son

This is a letter to you dear son to tell you how proud you have made me this week. You revised so hard for your exams, without too much prompting on my part. All of your hard work has finally paid off and you passed all of your GCSEs this week. And you didn’t just pass them, you exceeded your expectations far beyond what you ever imagined, and the most important thing from all of this is that you were proud of yourself.

On Tuesday morning, as you walked out of the front door with your friend to collect your results, I could tell how nervous you were. I was waiting at home for your call. My phone rang 30 minutes later and I could tell you had a smile in your voice.

“Well, what’s happened then?” I asked you.

“I’m on my way home now mum; in fact I’m going to run!” (Good Sign!)

Well that made me happy I must say son, and I took a seat and waited for you to come through the door. You came into me and handed me the envelope with the biggest smile on your face, Well, when I took a look at your results paper I was overcome with emotion and we hugged each other, real tight. You passed them all didn’t you? And the truly wonderful thing with all of this was your results for English and Science, you got the A’s, the marks you need to go to your college of choice and pick exactly what A-levels you want to do.

You so deserve it though; because we know how hard it’s been for you with your worries and anxieties, yet what you have achieved has given you all the confidence you need and you are walking tall now and with determination.

I’ve had a week of reflection too; just thinking about your school journey and all the stuff you went through. You are such a brave, kind, thoughtful and generous human being, and you were even developing these traits when you were a very young child. I always encouraged you to develop your own conscience and to make yourself aware of your rights as a child and to have the courage to say ‘No’,  and to not be ashamed of it.

Do you remember when you used to read to me every evening and we used to speak about expressing yourself and how the words used to make you feel?

I’m sure that you had this in your heart when you took the exam that you doubted you’d pass. You studied the Shakespeare and Dickens to the point of expressing your own personal feelings on the writing of these great authors. You applied it, was personal with it and added your own feelings to your answers so that you passed your English Literature with top marks. 

Please never doubt yourself again my dear sweet son, because you have made your brother and parents so proud. But the most important thing in all of this is that you have made yourself proud, and you will carry this moment forward for the rest of your life.

Love Mum x 


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