My Squeaky Boot Fiasco

These are not the boots…

Sometimes I meditate on stuff to write about for this blog, wondering how it’s going to be received, but at least I can say that everything is true and honest…!

This entry deals with something that may seem trivial, but which has caused me four weeks of irritation, consternation and humiliation, in one form or another. It concerns a pair of sexy black leather knee-high boots.

I bought some lovely knee length boots about a year ago. I saved up for them, because I wanted comfortable footwear that would be durable and waterproof, and last me a long time. (Okay, it’s just that I feel great in boots.) They have been marvellous, but my goodness, they have developed a terrible squeak! They sound like an iron bed on a wedding day. I’m on the go all day, and for most of the time it’s quite noisy with the kids chattering and so on, but when they go out to play you can hear me coming from a mile away. When it first started, it was funny, but things like this don’t stay funny for long…

I’ve passed it off with self-conscious chuckles, but it’s been getting louder. I was in town the other day and even walking through quite a busy store, a number of heads turned in my direction.

…these are more like my boots!

Has anyone else had this problem with kinky squeaky boots? It’s got to the point where I shouldn’t wear them anymore! They’re great to look at, but taking a step in them ruins the allure!

I Googled my dilemma, and was quite surprised to find that this issue is not unheard-of. (Of course, no matter what you look for on the Internet, some freak is talking about it…) Anyway, the remedy seems to be vegetable oil, so I tried it last night.

I oiled them up, spread it around until they were shiny, and put extra on the inside for good measure. Then left them upturned throughout the night. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised! One was squeak-free! But one is not.

So, it’s partly worked, and a great tip if one (but not both) of your boots is squeaky.

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