• Random

    2 Year Anniversary for my Blog

    Various anniversaries usually stay imprinted in our brains so that we automatically buy a gift or a card to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately, I have hit the tip of the nose end of the menopause (medical science informs me that I’ll approach the tail-end in about 8 years). This has therefore created in my 47 year-old brain the inability to remember certain things. It doesn’t scare me in the slightest. I just get a bit forgetful sometimes. Like remembering where I’ve left something, and going upstairs to find that I can’t for the life of me figure out what it was I went up for. But I’ve had this since…

  • Eatables

    Butterfly Cakes

    This is a trip down nostalgia lane. I made these fairy cakes as my first cooking experience as a child. They were the first recipe I attempted at school, and they were also the first cakes I made with my children when they were little. They have been around as a recipe for as long as I can remember, which is nearly 50 years! Gulp!!! And, my grandmother even made them, so they are a really old English recipe. For some reason, they seem to appear quite often in children’s cookery books, and I think it’s because they are simple to make, very cute to look at, and filled with…

  • Stuff I Like

    10 Great Websites I’ve Discovered.

    Do you ever have some time to kill and you just want to sit with your cup of tea, a biscuit or 7, and search the web for interesting stuff to fill your mind as you relax. Stuff to tax your brain if you’re in the mood, or some mellow listening or maybe photos and captions to make you giggle. Here’s some of my favourites at the moment. By the way, don’t think for one moment that I am sitting on my backside all day. I do have a busy life, but I’m not a big TV watcher, so books and the Internet are just the way I roll. In…

  • My Art

    Pears in Watercolour

    I attended my first art class for the first time last week. I missed last years 10 weeks course and I really missed it. The subjects were fruit and I picked these pears but folded the paper so I had half a pear. I thought it looked better. The leaf isn’t great, but it was my first time back and I’d not painted for quite a while.

  • Random,  Unqualified Bias

    Eating Out

    If you go out for a meal, what do you look for? Do you go and find a place with beautiful surroundings, lots of space, fine dining (you know, like arty farty food), cheap prices, good service etc. Well the first thing I look for is not pretentious food menus, as you are probably aware. I do not care for fast service, fine dining or beautiful surroundings. All I require is enough space so that I am not hitting elbows with my neighbours and a warm seating area that’s not within 5 metres of the entrance door, so that I do not have to contend with blasts of cold air…

  • Mental Quirks

    Panic Attacks and Relax

    Over Christmas I had two panic attacks; horrible ones. The first occurred in Cambridge out of the blue. I was in the hotel room in the morning, just about to go to breakfast and something in my mind triggered it. I sat on the edge of the bed, my head went dizzy and I sweated profusely. My friend was aware that I had this, gave me a towel to wipe off the perspiration, which was coming off me in torrents, and left me alone to calm down. My friend was still in the room but knew I needed space to be totally alone to try and focus on my anxiety…