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SpringWatch 2018-Live Webcam

Whilst I was at work today, the teacher of the class put on the screen the ‘Springwatch’ website for the children to have a look at. Springwatch is a programme in the UK being shown at the moment, with Winterwatch and Autumnwatch also broadcast by the BBC documenting British wildlife throughout the seasons. The programmes are made in different locations around the country with many of the cameras hidden so that they can record the natural behavior of the wildlife, such as the recent example of the ‘Yellow Hammer’ birds and their chicks. The website is really informative and gives readers a choice of galleries to view with clips and episodes etc.

There is a choice of 4 live webcams on the website where you can watch, amongst other things,  fledglings in their nests. At the moment there is a Mandarin duck and her babies, a blue tit nest, a little owl nest and many more. It truly is fascinating. If you enjoy nature and wildlife you will love this.

Here is the link to the SpringWatch website. The link for the ‘Live’ webcams is on the top bar of the homepage x


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