Sweet Tub

Before I’m accused of advocating unhealthy food, I’ll give you the reason why I have a sweet tub in my cupboard.

Firstly, I think kids are great. Simple as that. I work with kids, I have kids and I always have my children’s friends popping into my home. Usually at the end of a long summer holiday, parents may comment that their kids are ‘driving them insane’, but generally that’s because the small people have become bored during their break and need to get back to school. My children wind me up sometimes when they bicker with each other or start fighting, as boys do; yet kids to me would never drive me insane, if anything they keep me sane. They are funny, they teach you about current things, their energy keeps you going (I need this in my middle age years), and they can be great company. I live alone and my children give me a sense of stability and purpose. In fact, one of my favourite things to do is to pop into town on a Sunday morning with my youngest, and have a coffee and a hot chocolate together, whilst munching croissants and chatting about the week. I love him x

Last months sweet tub

I work in the education sector with children in mainstream schools, whilst providing care for ones with autism, adhd, learning disabilites and speech and language needs etc. These children have so much to offer. ‘SEN’ children; well the ones I work with, have skills you wouldn’t believe for such young people. Some are great at sport, maths, conversation, writing, I could go on and on…… Anyway, I’m diverting again! This post is about my sweet tub, I know, which is what I’m getting to….

Before I begin, I don’t want you to think I am pushing unhealthy eating into the minds and bellies of children. I DON’T! I just feel that a little treat occasionally does you the world of good. I have a sweet tub in my home that is replenished, as an when. It is used primarily for a treat for me ( when I’m not dieting), my children and their numerous friends that may visit our home.

This months sweet tub. (Notice the Go Ahead health biscuits in the top left hand corner

I think my sweet tub is great, with a variety of chocolate offerings, sometimes involving breakfast cereal bars, but mainly good old chocolate. OK, its not ideal, but it makes us happy. My children eat extremely well throughout the week and I feel the odd sweet item does no harm at all. They enjoy the sweet tub, so do their friends, so do my friends and so do I.

PS…Notice in tub number 2, there is a healthy go ahead packet of biscuits.

PPS…I have a fruit bowl placed strategically on a table in the doorway for hands to reach over and grab, upon entry!


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