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Weight Watchers Low Point Treats

I don’t follow diets as such. It’s not that I think they don’t work, I know the weight watchers diet plan is effective and also the Slimming world one. I can’t follow them to the book though because the rigidity of it and the point counting gets me down. I do know, by being on the Weight Watchers diet in the past, that it used to provide me with about 30 pro-points a day. Using this information as a flexible guide, and having the knowledge of the pointage of quite a few products, I can basically calculate on average the amount I need for a day, without going over.

My breakfasts may be:

Any cereal without sugar. Examples are 2 Weetabix, Fruit and Fibre, Shredded Wheat, porridge made with water and skimmed milk; no sugar. All Bran, bran flakes, cornflakes or sultana bran. I won’t eat sugar puffs, muesli, or any cereal with added stuff like chocolate chips etc. I may eat fruit for breakfast, tinned fruit in natural juice or 1 Slice of granary bread toasted.

Lunches may be:

Ryvitas with cottage cheese, sandwiches with low calorie bread consisting of lean meat and salad, or tinned fish in brine or water, no oil. I will also have a baked potato or a mixed salad with boiled egg or fish etc. I do not eat cheese when I’m losing weight, just cottage cheese or Laughing cow extra light cheese triangles on cracker breads or ryvitas.

Snacks between meals may be:

Bananas, apples, oranges or any fresh fruit.

Dinners may be:

Stir Fry with fry light spray, vegetables, prawns or chicken.

Stews with lean meat and vegetables with one or two potatoes.

Roast dinners with vegetables and potatoes roasted with fry light or mashed potato mixed with skimmed milk.

Salad with lean meat or fish. Cooked pasta added is nice too.

Steak, chips oven baked with fry light (low fat cooking spray), mushrooms, tomatoes and peas.

Additionally any recipes for curries, bolognese, pasta bakes that are made from scratch using tinned tomatoes, spices, vegetables and cooked without oil. I also make sure I have half a pint of skimmed milk per day, used on cereals or in drinks.

It may seem a little boring but this honestly works for me. If I eat like this I generally lose around 2 to 3 lbs per week.

Now the interesting bit. Now and again you may get a craving for something sweet and fruit just doesn’t do it for you. Here are some sweet low fat treats that you can have maybe once a day and your diet will continue to work. They are all low points.


PP-Pro Points (Weight watchers point system).

As I mentioned previous, I can have about 23 pro points a day so I can generally calculate roughly that these treats below will be in my point range if I eat sensibly as my example shows:

Cadbury’s dairy milk brunch bar choc chip…4 pp

Cadbury’s creme egg…5 pp

Cadbury’s freddo bar…3pp

Cadbury’s crunchie…5 pp

Curly wurly…3 pp

Flake…5 pp

Fudge…3 pp

Kit kat 2 fingers…3 pp

Nestle milky bar…5 pp

Chocolate digestive biscuit…2 pp

Jaffa cake…1 pp

Mint cornetto…5 pp

Twister lolly…2 pp

M&S Chocolate mousse…2 pp

Butterkist toffee popcorn 25g bag…3 pp

Special K choc and raspberry bars…2 pp

Mr kipling french fancies…3 pp

Magnum mini icecream…3 pp

Hula Hoops salt and vinegar, 25g…4 pp

Skips, 19g…2 pp

Walkers baked cheese and onion crisps…4 pp

Quavers…5 pp

Quaker snack ‘a’ jacks, salt and vinegar, 22g…2 pp

If I really need a snack or a hit of chocolate I generally choose one of these x




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