Why having big bazookas is not what its cracked up to be!

I was shopping in town the other day and looking at the lacy offerings in the underwear departments of well-known stores. There are some really pretty bras and bralettes out at the moment, which are a kind of bra with a lace band underneath.Ā Ā I think they are really nice. The problem is that, because I have a big bust, I find it difficult to find scoobydoo hammocks that feel comfortable, which is obviously what I need, that are simultaneously sexy and sweet.

The bras in this particular shop (Primarni), are quite lovely, in many varieties, but it seems to be increasingly difficult to get anything for my size. I need, first and foremost, a good steel underwiring, which is hard to find in these shops at the best of times, and I’m additionally searching through the racks for my size and coming up empty-handed. So I end up going to somewhere like M&S, which does have a fantastic underwear section, and paying a minimum of Ā£14 each (each bra, that is…), but at least I can be confident that I’ll be able to run for a bus without knocking myself senseless.

Here is a list of the benefits of having aĀ smaller or medium sizedĀ bust:

  1. You will have far more choice in the bra and underwear sections of popular stores.
  2. You will get away without having to put up with that uncomfortable underwiring that the big bosomedĀ girls have to contend with.
  3. You may not feel the need when you walk in the door after work, to just whip that bra off in a flourish because the straps have been digging into your shoulders for the majority of the day.
  4. You won’t be caught unguarded if you are asked to do some random star jumps at your place of work. (Seems unreal, I know but it can happen)
  5. Conversations with some men can be easier and you will be taken seriously on occasion. I have had men just stare at them and ignore me.
  6. Swimwear and bikinis can be easier to find. I’ve always found that the ones for the bigger busted woman are slightly old-fashioned.
  7. You can get away with not wearing a bra.
  8. You can wear skimpier tops and dresses without worrying about anything falling out.
  9. You can generally wear a shirt and skirt or separates of the same size. I have to buy sizes up from my bottom item because I can never do up the shirt buttons.
  10. You don’t ever feel like you might commit murder by suffocation.

Pip X


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