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10 Things I love about Sundays

Some people I speak to find Sundays boring and I’ve never really understood the reasoning behind this. I love Sunday because it’s the only day of the week I can fully relax and get stuff done around the house. Here are the reasons why Sunday is my favourite day of the week:

1… I usually get to have a bit of a lie-in. My dog does tend to ruin this at 9 am on the dot though. He’s looking at me wagging his tail and I have to give in and get up. Just sidetracking here, but how do they know the time? My dog comes up to my bedroom at precisely 9 am! If anyone has a scientific explanation for this I’d love to know? Anyway, Sunday is my lie-in day.

2…  I get to pop into town and do a little shopping. I’m not the sort of person that likes crowds, so Sunday in the City Centre is pretty quiet and I can have a coffee and relax. The shops are less busy too.

3… I don’t like cooking very much but Sunday is usually the day I’ll make a cake for my kids.

4… I catch up with the jobs I need to finish. I’m decorating the sitting room at the moment so if I don’t pop into town I’ll paint for an hour, but no more. It does get boring then. I just chip away at it.

5… Around 3 pm, I settle down on the sofa with a coffee and watch a film with the kids.

6… Sometimes I’ll pop down to the pub with my mum for a few drinks. This is a good opportunity to catch up with friends.

7… On occasion, I’ll pop to the cinema with my boys on a Sunday when it’s less busy. The Odeon in a town called Loughborough near to where I live only costs £4 per ticket for either adult or child. How great is that?

8…I’ll cook a big roast dinner if the kids are with me at the weekend and we’ll have a  chocolate cheesecake if I didn’t make a cake.

9… A chance to catch up on my hobby if my day has been less busy.

10… An early night, usually after a glass of wine.

So, all in all, Sundays for me are a lovely day to relax, have a lie-in and catch up with everything I couldn’t do in the week. The weeks are very different than what they used to be. When I was a child in the 1970s, Sundays were I admit quite boring. The shops, in general, were closed and there were no restaurants as we know of them today. There are also many more child-friendly places available to visit.

What is your favourite day of the week?

PS… By the way, If I did all these things on Sundays I’d be dead on my feet by the evening! I may do one or two. Just so you know 😉

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