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Cala Bona ☀️

Cala Bona, Majorca


I was having a look at some recent photographs today and came across this one, which brought back lots of great memories for me.

This is a photograph of the lovely picturesque town of ‘Cala Bona’, on the Island of Majorca, in Spain. The reason I took this photograph, is because I was, at the time, sitting opposite the harbour in a small café, drinking coffee, and remembering that this was my first holiday abroad  with my parents when I was 13 years old.

The hotel I was actually staying in for my holiday was further up the coastline at a resort called ‘Sa Coma’, which was equally lovely. I hired one of their bicycles from the complex, and cycled the 3 miles along the route into Cala Millor, and then onto Cala Bona. I wanted to see if the area had changed and it has a little. It is now pedestrianised and it seemed more pretty than I remembered. If you notice the trees at the far end of the photograph towards the right, there is a walkway that leads you onto the beach, which is gorgeous.

Hotel Cala Bona

I sat in this little café for over an hour, taking in the view, people-watching and remembering. I had a conversation with the waitress who explained to me how the resort has changed over the years.

After a while, I got back on my bike and pedalled away. I would like to return and stay in the hotel opposite the harbour (the picture on the right); the one I stayed in with my parents. It is in a perfect position and has wonderful views of the sea.

I am looking forward to my return.



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