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Gloss was for your lips, but not any more. Eye gloss, a product developed to be spread over the eyelids, was the most-used makeup item backstage at New York Fashion Week. Many companies are now offering clear eye glosses, that give the eyelids a warm look, either applied over eye shadow or on its own.

At the beginning of 2017, Bobbi Brown eye gloss in ‘Bare Nude’ hit the shelves. Different looks can be achieved without changing the colour of your eye-shadow, giving it either a warm glow, or your black eyeliner a more smudged look. It can also make your eyes look sexy and sultry, and will accentuate them for an evening out.

The glosses are a little pricey at the moment, mainly because they are a bang-on-trend product, and can only be bought easily on-line, though it may be worth trying the larger department stores and asking for their own availability of the product.

Try these websites:





www.avon.com (US website)


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