Cute Chocolate Marshmallow Treats

My children love these. I made some today and thought you might like to use this recipe sometime. They are so easy to make and are great for children’s parties. There is no cooking involved as such, just melting chocolate, which is best left to you. Once that part is out of the way,  your children can get stuck in and decorate. It’s a great thing to make because they are vegetarian (obviously use gelatin-free marshmallows), and can be made very quickly.

You will need just the ingredients in the picture:

A block of milk, white or dark chocolate (whatever you fancy)

A packet of marshmallows

Tube of Smarties or similar sweets

Small paper cake cases



Put a saucepan on the hob, filled with some hot water – about 2 cup-fulls. Bring to a simmer with a pan placed over the top and break in your chocolate and melt. Take off the heat when melted, and spoon into each paper case a teaspoon of melted chocolate. Put a marshmallow on the top, add a small drop of melted chocolate and add a Smartie to finish. Place in the fridge until the chocolate goes hard.

Bon appetit!

PS: I promise you will polish them off by the end of the day!

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