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Dear Park.

Dear Park.

I feel the time has come to write you this letter today to tell you how much I appreciate what you have given me. I visit you every day, I know. I take in your beauty and silence without ever really sitting down and thinking about what you have truly given me.

The time has come though to tell you how I feel. Firstly, when I walk around your beautiful pathways early in the morning, it brings back memories of really happy times with my children when they were small, playing on your little park with the sandpit and the train, playing cricket and football in the hot summer days and laying on the grass talking and laughing with my friends, and the people I’ve met when I was with you walking my dog whilst getting some exercise and fresh air.

I remember the winters when your hills were covered in snow, and we used to come to you and sledge down them, loads of us having snow ball fights. It was great.

I love the way you provide me with peace and calmness. The way I can come to you and get away from the stresses of life and look at your nature and wild animals. You make the seasons appear beautiful, autumn especially. I’ve taken my favourite books to you and enjoyed sitting in the sun and reading for hours on end and feeling safe and happy.

Sometimes I will wander around and take photographs of you. Springtime is wonderful, when your crocuses and daffodils bloom and your fields look so pretty. I love the little forest you have where I can walk and feel so quiet, no sounds, just the trees rustling and the birds singing.

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me.


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