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I’ve not had a bout of Eczema for a few years now. I had a bad cold a week ago and have been feeling quite run down and I think that’s why my eczema has flared up. I’ve also been worrying about a personal issue so that may be a contributory factor but I can’t be sure. I generally get it on my feet, hands, and face, but it’s just affected the back of my hands this time. If you’ve ever had eczema you’ll know how painful it can be. Mine starts with itching that I have to scratch and before long it starts to bleed. The bleeding seems to stop the itch, but the itch starts again and it becomes a vicious circle of itch, scratch, bleed then soreness. I’ve got some steroid cream but I don’t like to use it because, even though it works really well, it thins your skin and then you can get cracks, like paper cuts. It’s truly horrible.

There are 3 creams I tend to use instead.  If I start using these early enough it generally keeps it under control.

The first one is plain Vaseline. The problem with this product is that it does seem to evaporate pretty quickly and you need it to penetrate your skin. I generally put a thick layer on my skin and wrap my hand for instance lightly in clingfilm for an hour or so. If left for too long it can make your skin feel too hot. I do feel that this method works for me though.

E45 cream. This is a good cream that is mild and soft. There’s no fragrance that can cause irritation and it really does seem to work. It’s worth giving it a go, it may work for you.





Neutrogena. I remember a few years back going to my local chemist and asking the pharmacist for her recommendation. She suggested this one, without the fragrance. It spreads really well and only a small amount is needed.





I’m hoping these suggestions help if you suffer from this. I’ve never tried home remedies so if any of my readers have any please share them, as I’d be really interested in trying them too xx

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