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Flowers in Acrylic/Ash Makda

A short post here. A couple of years back I began a watercolour painting course at a local adult education college in the town where I live. I became friends with a fellow student, who was kind of in the same boat as myself, we had both loved art at school but hadn’t picked up a paintbrush since we left. 30 years later, we started this course and discovered just how great Art really was and what we had been missing. I haven’t seen ‘Ash Makda’ (my art buddy), for well over a year now but he sometimes shares a painting on his FB page and I’ll have a look. His work can be very bold, loose and bright, and he’s also very good at portraits. Just about everything I can’t do!

He posted this lovely flower painting on his page the other day which he did with the use of a plastic knife and acrylics. I think it’s great and wanted to share it with you. With his permission of course! It’s great Ash! 🙂

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