Great Designs with ‘Canva’


Canva, is a programme that delivers professional designs and beautiful graphics that are a valuable tool if you’re a blogger. We need to get our content out there to as many social media platforms as possible, and Pinterest generates a lot of traffic. Pinterest is great to use, but it’s all about visuals, so this editing software gives you the tools and tutorials to create good looking ‘Pins’ for your account, which then ultimately direct the viewer to your blog.


The format for ‘Canva’ is quite self-explanatory, with help and tutorial features to start you off. There are drag and drop boxes to the left of the main screen with functions which include layout, shapes, text, background and your own uploads. There are around a million images to choose from to add to your new page layout in the format of illustrations and photographs. Once you’ve created your image, you can use it for whatever purpose it’s intended for. I use mine to generate more views on ‘Pinterest’.

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