Interview with my 12 year old

I was reading a popular magazine the other day, and it contained a great article asking a well-known celebrity about her week in general and what she’d been up to. It was quite good. The questions were very precise and short and it got me thinking. Many people in the public eye provide a fascination for the public (but not for everyone, I may add). I was only reading this article in a waiting room, and would never buy a ‘celeb’ magazine myself because I find them pretty boring, generally. I am not in the slightest bit interested in what Kim Kardashian eats for brekkie.

It’s the people around us that I find to be captivating. So, on this hot and sunny day, me and my 12 year old sat outside having a cuppa, and a good old chin-wag. I used the questions in the article and added some of my own and he really enjoyed it. I think it’s great to have a chat with your child and this little questionnaire gave us both a giggle. I think his answers are great. I said to him how fun it will be to look back in a couple of years and see if any of his answers will have changed. I know they will :). Oh and just another thing. I think my boy is one of the most interesting people I know 🙂

Anyway, the interview went something like this:

Question Number 1:

Me- “OK then, Will, question number 1. Did you visit anywhere fun this week?”

Will- “I went to the park with my mates and played football”

Me- “Great, now what would you have liked to have done this week?”

Will- “Well, I would have loved to have gone to the Bahamas”.

Me- “Really, why’s that?”

Will- “Why not!! Can’t think of a nicer place to go”.

Question Number 2:

Me: “Right, is there anything you’ve seen this week that’s maybe new or interesting?

Will: “I saw a French film at school about cats and dogs, it was quite good”.

Me: “Now, what would you have liked to have seen this week?”

Will: (after a minute’s thinking time) “Well, I fancy looking at a beach with palm trees, blue skies and warm water and just chilling out with my family”.

Question Number 3:

Me: “Who have you met this week, anyone new?”

Will: “I met a new friend at the park, he was really funny and had some good skills at football”.

Me: “That sounds nice. If you could choose though, who would you like to meet?”

Will: (he thought about this one too) “I’d like to meet my future self when I’m 30”.

Me: “That’s quite interesting, I thought you were going to mention someone famous. Why did you choose yourself?”

Will: “Well I’d want to see what I’d been up to and what job I was doing. Then if I was in a job I hated or my life was horrible, I could do something about it now”.

Question Number 4:

Me: “What have you bought for yourself this week?” (remember he’s 12, so has very little pocket money).

Will: “I had a meal 6 from Tastyland and a Capri sun” (a takeaway after school; not happy with this one!).

Me: “OK, and if you were able, what would you like to buy if you could?”

Will: “I would buy an island in the ocean, with a house for all my family”(sounds good to me).

Question Number 5:

Me: “Name something you can do?”

Will: “I can lay up to shoot a basket ball from 12 feet away” (he proved his point…Straight in! (The ball landed on his head though, but he was alright. The dog I mean…))

Me: “Goodness Will, I’m impressed! Right, what would you like to do that you can’t?”

Will: “Do a back flip”.

Question Number 6:

Me: “Have you had a good conversation with anyone this week, say at school?”

Will: “Me and my mates were talking about life and stuff on the park. You know about ‘Is god real’ and stuff.  We were talking about positive things”.

Me: “That’s interesting too. If you could have a conversation with anyone though, who would it be?”

Will: (after another deliberation), “I’d like to speak to Richard Atwood, he’s a Vlogger. I’d like to ask him about what he does. Oh and I’d like to speak to my dog, if he could talk, and God, if there is one.”

Question Number 7:

Me: “Ok, What can you use?”

Will: “I can use the PS4, fidget spinner and anything that’s mine” (I’ll write a post shortly about the fidget spinner).

Me: “If you could, what would you like to use?”

Will: “A car”.

Question Number 8:

Me: “What is your current form of transport?” (we were laughing at this one).

Will: “My mountain bike. Mum, what a stupid question!!”

Me: “OK then, what would you like as a future form of transport?”

Will: “Bugatti Veron”. (No brainer).

We both thought this was quite fun. Ask your children the same kind of questions and see what they come up with!

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