Making Someone’s Day

 I’m sitting in my garden on this lovely spring afternoon after polishing off my last Easter egg and feeling very content and happy. Times like this, make me feel all fluffy and a little bit twee, so this in turn makes me think of nice things that have happened in my life and the people that mean the world to me and what I can possibly do to make them feel happy.

I was thinking about ways to make someone’s day, and the little things we can do for others. I have many memories of stuff that’s been done for me over the years so that I can say “You know what, wasn’t that just a lovely thing that ‘what’s his face’ did for me in 1954!!”, (I’m kidding, I’m not that old).

Being Thoughtful

About 2 years ago, I became separated from my ex-husband. I had two children to care for, hardly any money, as I was only working part-time, and no car. It was taken in spite, and it was a real struggle for me. I needed transport for work, as without work I had no money, therefore no food. They were really hard times. Nevertheless, out of the blue one miserable cold winters morning my dear uncle, who is a car mechanic by trade, had taken it upon himself to get me a cheap little car. The mileage was incredibly high, so I was nervous, but he’d arranged for a trusted friend to replace many of the parts and make it move forward; which was the only necessary requirement I needed. I purchased it for a small price, and I’ve never been so grateful to him for thinking about me and my dire circumstances. It gave me back my independence and I felt more secure with my job, because I knew now, I could actually get there. I could also pop myself and my children out for the day.

The car is still a bit of a crate, but it passes its MOT and it never lets me down.

So for me that is a significant way that someone has been thoughtful to me, and I will never forget it.

This has made me think about things I can do to return these favours, and be kind and thoughtful to others.

It really doesn’t take a lot when you think about it. I think it’s lovely if my children pick a flower and give it to me, or make me something at school, or my partner gives me a little gift or treats me to a coffee and cake. So what can we do that’s thoughtful? How about ringing a friend and asking if they fancy going shopping or would like to go out for lunch somewhere. Or maybe taking someone flowers or a small gift, or asking a house- bound neighbour if they need anything from the shop when you pop out. It means a lot to them, and it certainly makes you feel better.


Isn’t it nice when you need to rant and you have that special someone that you can call and let it all out, and even have a good cry in the process. Listening is a great quality to have, and there doesn’t seem to be many people around to do that. Whenever I look around, I see more and more people with their heads buried in their phones without really talking or listening.

I was in a department store in our local town centre mid-week, and I got talking to an old lady at the pie section, (cos I just love pies). She seemed quite concerned about the trivial matter of cutting the pie in half to make two dinners and was the price of the pie really worth it?  “I have no idea”, I replied. She began talking quite a bit at length then, about when in times past, she used to make everything herself in the good old days. It was charming. She seemed lonely and just needed a listening ear, and my receiving ears thought her anecdotes were marvelous.

I always try and make time to listen to people if I can, because there are many times I need a listening ear and I do appreciate it.

Giving that extra bit

I must admit I do have quite a busy life, with children of my own and busy working days, where on occasion I come home from work, sit and have a cup of tea and fall asleep with tiredness. Yet, I think it’s really nice to go above and beyond to help someone.

So with that in mind, I did do something quite worthwhile not too long back that was beneficial and helped the person in question. I do teach as a profession, and a good neighbour of mine asked if I would give her young daughter a bit of private tuition to aid her in her studies as she was falling behind at school and she was beginning to lose confidence in her abilities. It was only for an hour a week, but I gladly put myself out to help her because she was a single mum with little money; so I did it for free. Her daughters reading improved a little, I felt better in myself for helping a friend, and she repaid me once a week with a vegetarian curry and chapattis. We were happy with this little arrangement all round.

I always find that if we do put ourselves out once in a while, obviously according to our circumstances, people will not forget and they will usually return the favour; but If they don’t then that’s OK too, it just makes you feel better anyway that your’ve helped someone else.


Smiles are definitely infectious. If someone walks by me and smiles, it makes me feel great and I always smile back. Who wants to see a miserable face? Of course, we all have horrid days and don’t always want to smile, yet on our good days it’s good to make the effort. I walk my dog around a big lake near my home quite often and I meet many dog-walkers on my jaunts. Many of them smile and say good morning and it certainly does make you feel better to see a friendly face. The world isn’t always full of miserable gits!!!

Cake or Chocolate

Not a great deal to say about this one. If anyone gives me cake or chocolate it makes my day!! Especially if the cake is homemade..Yum!

If all else fails; make someone a cake 🙂





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