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Music that gives me Goosebumps

I’ve been having a look on YouTube lately, and listening to the radio and Shazaming some songs I’ve not heard in a long time.
Here’s some of my favourites that have given me the goosebumps.

Now wouldn’t you just like to walk through a shopping mall and hear this playing, to stop and listen, and then more muscicians join the group. This is from Gustav Holst’s Planet Suite, and it’s called Jupiter. I was introduced to this at the age of 11 by a music teacher I had a deep respect for.

I love this one by Brahms. I have heard this before, many times but didn’t know what it was and by whom. When I recognised this one, I had to include it.

This makes me think of one word ‘Love’. Bach knew how to pull on the heartstrings.

Even though I was a teenager in the eighties, I never liked the music. Apart from U2, Simple Minds and The Smiths; and these. I loved this band. Are they American?, I have no idea. I love his voice.

Oh, and Tracy Chapman was a favourite too. Is she still performing? I’d love to see her live.

Me and the boys listen to this. Drake. It’s catchy.


I hope you enjoyed them x



  • M.L. James

    Brahms was just what I needed, both awe-inspiring and calming, especially after I just read Allen’s post and got an eye full of that dancer in the white leotards. But as the music went on, I started seeing the two ballet dancers dancing to Brahms in my head and, yep, we are now full circle back to the guy in the white leotards. Now I can’t unsee any of that! Ack! And I’ll never be able to look at a white rabbit in the same way again! I’m ruined! LOL!

    • Pip

      Very funny. Why does a male ballet dancer have to wear such tight breeches, showing his meat and two veg, its so distracting. You want to listen to the music, and watch the pirouettes in their full glory and all you can see is a pair of bolox!

  • M.L. James

    Okay, I just watched the flash mob of musicians at the mall! It literally brought me to tears! Absolutely phenomenal! Thank you for that, Pip! Clearly, I need beautiful music today!

  • Allen T. St. Clair

    Lovely choices. Another classical music lover! Two of my favorite songs are “On The Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter from his album Blue Notebooks, and I love Thais: Meditation, particularly the version by Caffee Concerto Ensemble. I cry every time that I hear them and JoJo teases me–but I don’t give a damn. They’re so beautiful! Oh–and anything by Tracy Chapman is marvelous!

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