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My Desert Island Discs

I have decided to do my ‘Desert Island Discs’. It’s taken me quite a while to work out what my favourite songs of all time are, as I have many, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5. I’ve included them in order of ultimate favourite-ness with my Number 1 being at the top of the list.

Yesterday, Paul McCartney. This is my favourite song of all time. I have loved The Beatles since I was a child, and my father had all the vinyl records. I remember watching ‘Parkinson’ years ago when Paul McCartney sang the song live. I have never forgotten it.

Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd. In 2005, at the Live 8 charity concert, Pink Floyd performed again with Roger Waters after 24 years. This was the first time I had watched Pink Floyd in their original form,  and afterwards I was hooked. My second favourite song  is ‘Wish You Were Here’.

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon and Garfunkel. This is my #3. I listened to this as a child also. I love Art Garfunkel’s voice. The lyrics are evocative, and I think we can all see something in this song.

Against All Odds, Phil Collins. My #4. This came out in 1987; I remember it well. It was the year I left secondary school and I used this song as my Dance final piece. I love this song and turn it up full blast in the car.

Everything I do, Bryan Adams. Number #5. I know you may sigh at this one. It was number one for about 17 weeks and nearly everyone I knew at the time was sick to death with hearing it. I love it, love it, love it x In fact I could marry Bryan!

Lovesong, Adele. My #6. Sorry I know I said 5 but this is also one of my favourites. Originally by ‘The Cure’. I love Adele’s version. A song that makes me think of losing your lover.

Hey Girl. Billy Joel. A song that you don’t hear very much. I think this is one of his best. I think he’s wonderful and this is my #7.x (I know it’s 7, that’s it)

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