Number Rhymes for Little Ones

I was working in a Nursery yesterday on supply with foundation 1. These children are 3 years old and are just learning to say and recognise numbers up to 9.  We were all in the classroom doing a number activity and when the teacher pointed to a number all the children said these little rhymes to remind them how to write it. I think they are a great set of phrases and the children’s learning I think improves greatly with these prompts. I took a photograph of the chart to share with you and hope you find it valuable. It’s not a great photograph because I took it quickly, so I’ve tried to adjust it accordingly.

Actually, the photograph is pretty rubbish so I’ll write them out:

0…Blow a bubble

1…Down the drain

2…Dizzy duck so sit her down

3…Curly caterpillar

4…Down the giant’s nose then his moustache grows

5…A big fat man puts his hat on

6…Fly down and loop the loop

7…Skate along and slide down

8…Make an ‘S’ and chase it home

9…Blow a bubble on a stick

PS.. When helping your child to practice the numbers, say the rhymes as they write out the number.

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