Pretty Waves for your Hair

I have a really great technique here for creating pretty waves for your hair. I have long hair, but even so, using a pair of hair straighteners and 10 minutes of your patience will give you lovely waves that will last for hours. If you use a little hair moose and run this through your hair, to begin with, you’ll have a style that will remain intact for much of the day. I use a small amount of hairspray, but you don’t have to, the wave will last for quite a while.


Firstly, put your straighteners onto their highest heat setting, and divide your hair into sections. If you want a large wave, make the sections of your hair wider, and vice versa.

Start at one side and twist the hair section all the way down to the tip. Next get your straighteners and start at the root of the hair and slowly work your way down the twist, pressing for about 3 or 4 seconds until you reach the ends. Turn the straighteners and go down again but with the tip facing outwards, in a sense pointing towards the ceiling, if you can imagine that. Now, for the important bit, leave the hair in its twist to cool down and do not touch it.


Take the next section and repeat the process around your head. Once the hair twists have cooled down for only a few minutes, run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves and they will look quite lovely, I assure you. I love this technique because it’s so quick and the effect can last for hours.

X Pip

Just creating a few waves at the side gives a nice effect.
Full effect on the back of the hair.





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