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My Top 5 Sexiest Men/All American ;)

I have decided to list my top 5 sexiest men. Firstly, because I’ve got way too much time on my hands, and secondly, because I like looking at a bit of eye candy once in a while. I am kind of showing my age here with my selection, but I feel that they have aged incredibly well and look just as sexy now, if they are still with us obviously. I think they are not just drop dead gorgeous, but visually beautiful.

My number 1 is:

Harrison Ford (Indie!)

The wonderful Mr Harrison Ford. My ultimate favourite of all time. I’ve always liked him to be honest from as early as I can remember. It may have something to do with his role as Indiana Jones because I’m a bit of an Archaeology freak, and he ticks all the boxes. You know the leather jacket, whip, stubble and scar on the face. Sigh…..Anyway…






My number 2 is:


Al Pacino

A classically beautiful face, incorporating smouldering Italian good looks, olive skin and dark eyes. I think he was incredibly sexy when he was younger and has aged very well. 






My number 3 is:


Denzil Washington


I think Denzel Washington has a gorgeous face and dark good looks. He is a great actor and has a lovely smile. A man to make a lady swoon I think.




My number 4 is:


Ian Smoulderhalder (I mean Somerhalder)

 This guy from ‘Vampire Diaries’ was tipped to play ‘Christian Grey’ in Fifty Shades. It never materialised though which was a shame as myself and many of my friends thought he would have been perfect for the role. A sexy guy.



My number 5 is:

Paul Newman

I’m showing my age here but it has to be Paul Newman for me. A great actor who has now sadly passed away. He had lovely blue eyes and a very handsome face.






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