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When the Sun’s Out, put Sun-In, In!

I have what you would call mousy hair. It’s what I call a non-colour; neither brown, auburn, blonde or dark blonde, it’s just there as a total mish mash of colour that’s really hard to describe. In the summer it does tend to go lighter at the ends, but then winter arrives and my hair starts to go dull and takes on the boring shade of mouse once again.

Over the years, on and off, I have used a product called ‘Sun-In’, which came out in the 1980s. It can still be bought at select places, but it’s definitely not as popular as it once was. It’s basically a weaker form of peroxide in a bottle that you spray on your damp hair and the heat from a hairdryer lightens it. It also works very well if you sit in the sun once it’s been applied and it will gradually lighten your natural hair colour.

Some hairdressers have frowned upon this product in the past because it does give your hair a dry quality, and it can, yet I’ve never understood this concept about the product ruining your hair. You can show me all the adverts in the world that provide excellent conditioning treatments for your hair, but at the end of the day, as soon as that first strand of hair grows out of your hair follicle its well and truly dead, and it doesn’t matter what you put on it, it’s just that, dead hair.

This product just works for me. If you buy the lower strength lemon ‘Sun-In’ it will give you a light gradual blonde for your hair. I buy mine from Amazon for about ÂŁ5 a bottle, but you can buy it in Superdrug etc. Please follow the instructions on the box, if you go for it, for allergy and strand testing before you commence. If your hair is too dark this product will not work and will give you a yellowish blonde which can look garish! Not Good! This peroxide works best on light brown and mousy hair.

I’ve included a photograph of Moi today, to show you the effect the colour has on my hair. I have used the product gradually over the last few months and I am very pleased with the result. I sat in my garden yesterday, and the sun’s rays worked wonders 🙂

x Pip

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