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2 Great Nature Apps

I have a park near to me that I visit once a day with my dog. It is medium sized and contains lots of lovely trees and wildlife. During the time I have lived in the area, which is quite a few years, I have noticed from the middle of May for around 3 weeks, a couple of trees shed this stuff that kind of resembles white candy floss. It’s really lovely to watch as you walk around. The most accurate description of this phenomenon is that it’s basically like long seeds of cotton wool, and as it falls it resembles snow. It’s quite pretty.

I’ve always wanted to know what the species of tree is, but when I come off the park and get on with my busy life, it always slips my mind to find out about it.

The other day I was having a look through play store on my phone and discovered this great app. It’s called ‘PlantSnap‘, and it’s really easy to use. You focus your phone camera on any leaf, flower, or shrub and take a pic. You then centre the leaves or plants for a  more accurate shot and the app will give you a description of the tree or plant you want to find out about. You can also take photographs, which the app will store, and you can check what they are when you have the opportunity to do so. The tree that I so longed to find out about was called ‘The Eastern Cottonwood’ which is popular in North America, Eastern Canada, and Northeastern Mexico. During the early summer, the seed capsules release their numerous seeds which are attached to cotton-like strands; which explains it’s candy floss quality.

Do you like birdsong? I love it. I wake early in the morning and to hear the birds tweeting is a beautiful sound, as long as it’s not a magpie squawking as it’s trying to peck my cats tail and 5.30am!

I have some idea of certain sounds from our feathered friends but my knowledge is quite limited. I discovered another great app that I cannot get enough of called ‘BirdsUp‘. Wherever you are, you can use the app to record the sounds of birds and it will give you exactly the bird you are listening too and information pertaining to the different species. There’s also a section where you can choose a bird and listen to its call and read information about it. It’s really very good and I’m using it all the time when I go out each day walking with my dog.

If you love nature you’ll love this. Give them a try x

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