5 Awesome Gift Ideas for a Horse, I mean Hostess!

So I’ve been invited out for dinner at someone’s beautiful home. I ‘ve been racking my brains trying to sort out a gift to take for the lady of the house that she will enjoy, and more importantly, use. Gifts are great things to take with you because you are showing your appreciation for the meal being served, and it’s lovely to receive a gift for all the hard work your hostess may have put into the evening dinner party, lunch or barbeque.


Here are some ideas for the perfect gift:



This is a lovely idea if you know your hostess likes reading. I recently visited a charity shop where they stocked some decades old books, such as gardening and cooking, (Elizabeth David as an example) etc. Buy a couple of these of a genre that you know she’ll like, wrap them in twine or ribbon, and give this as a gift. I think this is an original idea, and a little bit different than buying an up-to-date book.



L’Occitane, the beauty shop sells some gorgeous products that will definitely pamper. They can be a little bit pricey, but at the moment they have a sale feature on their website, which includes products starting at £2.50 onwards.

A good gift idea is to purchase 4 or 5 of these and wrap them in a pretty gift bag. I would love to receive this as a gift, because the items are wonderful, and you’ll make her feel special.




A third idea is choosing some delicious cakes from the French cafe ‘Patisserie Valerie’. You could buy 3 or 4 and have them presented in a lovely box. This is a good option because the cakes are gorgeous to eat, and look like works of art.





This next idea is to buy your hostess something practical that can be used if she/he likes cooking, (not forgetting the fact that HE could be a host), some lovely herbs which you can plant in some small pots. You can decorate them yourself with some acrylic paints, or buy some Sharpie pens, (which are permanent) and draw your own design or write the names of the herbs on the front.



Treat your host/hostess to a basketful of French food that you’ll think they’ll like. Try and buy some unusual items that you’ve probably never tried before, like cheeses, confectionary, different bread etc, and add a bottle of plonk. Obviously, you can use any European countries specialities or even mix them up a bit.



Anyway, in conclusion, for a little bit of humour, you’re probably wondering why there is a horse in the title! You know that thing you do sometimes when you take a search on Google and type in a sentence and random words come up that make you laugh. I was looking at the possibilities the other day for gift ideas and typed into Google ‘ Gift ideas for a hostess’, but because I was practically falling asleep, it looked like I’d typed in ‘Gift ideas for a horse’! Which quite honestly really made me laugh at the time. So not to leave poor Neddy out of the equation, I have included a few gift ideas for a horse!!!





I apologise for my stupid sense of humour.

x Pip

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